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DialAmerica offers boundless opportunities for you to start and advance your career.
Sales Representative to Contact Center Manager
I started as a part time call center agent when I was a new mom to supplement my family's income - loved the flexible schedule. As I was able to take on more hours and responsibilities, I became a full time team supervisor. After 15 years with DialAmerica, I'm now the manager of a call center.
Corporate Account Executive to Senior Vice President
When I was in college, I took a part time job with DialAmerica to focus on school but still afford tuition. Come graduation, I spoke with my supervisor about using my Marketing Degree at the company. I was hired as an entry level account executive and now I'm a Senior Vice President managing a team of over 30 people.
HR Employee at Large Corporation to HR supervisor at DialAmerica
After working for a large corporation, I was too stressed out by shareholder pressures and I needed a change. I found a similar position at DialAmerica with all the benefits of a large corporation with the feel of a family owned company. I'm happy to be in a place where the leaders of the company are accessible and care about retaining employees.
Administrative Assistant to Web Development Specialist
I was an administrative assistant entering data, filling customer orders, all while going to school at night. My supervisor recognized my organization and analytical skills, and suggested I apply to be an analyst in a new programing department. My positions at DialAmerica have given me new skills and my managers have given me the opportunity to shape my own career.

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